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Be Hemp! Raw Food Organic Hemp Protein "Cacao", 1LB

Designer: Be Hemp

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-Hemp boosts beauty from within, — protein is the foundation for every hair, skin, and nail cell in the body. One tbsp. of this hemp protein contains a large number of branched chain amino acids, the 10 essentials that the body needs. They play a key role in the growth and repair of lean body mass.

-Hemp protein also contains good amounts of Argine and Histidine, both important during childhood growth.

-Approximately 65% of the protein is made up of Edestina, which is a precursor to the hormone hemoglobin, which carries oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.

-Within its protein composition we can find albumin, high quality protein similar to that found in egg whites.

It is digestible and absorbs rapidly because it does not contain Trypsin inhibitors.