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The 420 Gourmet

The elevated art of Cannabis Cuisine


The foodie's guide to cannabis: A smart, sophisticated, and beautifully illustrated cookbook for at-home chefs wanting to safely create and experience their own edible.

JeffThe420Chef is revolutionizing the world of edibles. He first began cooking with cannabis to help a close friend’s mother manage the pain, nausea, and discomfort from her cancer treatments. Over time, he developed a process for infusing cannabis into brothers and oils that neutralizes the smell and taste, leading to a new understanding of edibles and their potential for medicinal use.

In The 420 gourmet, JeffThe420Chef combines his fun-loving approach to cooking with practical information about marijuana including guidance for safe dosing (along with a comprehensive dosage calculator), summaries of the principal strains in their typical effects, and details on the herb's medical and recreational benefits.

Jeff includes step-by-step instructions for his signature “light-tasting” canna-butter, and canna-oils, The secrets behind his outrageously delicious and truly unique recipes. Once you create these staple ingredients yourself, it becomes easy to incorporate cannabis into everyday dishes and the “pot-sibilities” are endless!

From brunch and small plates to salads in gourmet dinners and featuring gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options-The 420 Gourmet elevates the edible experience. Jeff's precise dosage guidelines expand the horizontals of cannabis cuisine, which will no longer be limited to a few bites of a brownie. These mouthwatering recipes are fully adaptable to your goals, whether you need a full course meal for nourishment and pain management or a quick snack to help you focus, relax, and enhance your creativity.

The 420 Gourmet will educate and entertain new and longtime cannabis users alike while serving as The ultimate guide to cannabliss.